For Our Democratic Party


It’s Our Time


The Democratic Party is at a defining moment. The American people want answers, not more talking points. They want action, not obstruction and endless blame. They want leaders with a vision for a future in which we can all believe. Meet Michael Fedor, part of a new generation of leaders we need to lead our Party to live up to this moment in history.

Michael is running for one of two Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee seats for Cumberland County designated for males. Two others will be filled by females from our County in the May 15, 2018 Primary. 

Previously, Michael helped to transform the Cumberland County Democratic Party when he served as its chairman in 2011-2014. During his tenure as the head of the Party, a new generation of leaders were recruited to run and win local office. Michael pushed for new investments in grassroots organizing and technology to reach local voters. Fundraising was strong and ability to win elections was tested and proven when local, historic wins were scored across Cumberland County in 2013. During that same period, Michael served as a member of State Committee.

In 2017, Michael rejoined State Committee, appointed to fill an unexpired term. Since his appointment, Michael has joined a growing movement of State Committee members calling on our Party to be more locally focused, more transparent, and more open to diverse opinions from conservative as well as progressive Democrats to better reflect the diverse nature of Pennsylvania politics.

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