Elect a Chief Clerk of Our Civil Courts

Experienced. Fair. Bipartisan.
Committed to Serving Our Growing County

It’s Time for Fresh Ideas in the Courthouse

We Deserve


Our Prothonotary should be committed to achieve 100% accuracy, satisfaction, and timeliness in every interaction with the public.
A Local Leader

We Trust to Serve

Let’s elect a leader committed to the long-term success of our county court system. Michael is a husband and father of three. He shares our desire to hold public officials accountable, demand government be responsive, and to keep taxes low.
We Need


Our Prothonotary must be committed to fiscal discipline. I will leverage my budgetary and management experience, committed to staying on a path to operating the office independent of the county general fund tax dollars.


The Cumberland County Prothonotary is the Chief Clerk of Civil Courts for county courts. Operating this office of public trust in the fastest growing county in Pennsylvania requires integrity, relevant experience, intelligence, and strong management expertise. Meet Michael Fedor, an experienced leader we can trust to do the job right.

Michael is the only candidate who has balanced a budget and held the line on public spending. He is the only candidate for Prothonotary who has written and implemented legal process policy. He is the only candidate with management experience, leading employees in an office of public trust. He is the only candidate with a record of working across the aisle to solve problems, putting people before partisan politics.

The Prothonotary Office in Cumberland County has 9 employees, a budget over half a million dollars, and responsibility for record keeping and fee bookings, collections, and payments. The office processes over 10,000 filings a year for civil proceedings like divorces, name changes, tax liens, arbitrations, writs, Protection From Abuse orders (PFAs). The office also processes U.S. Passport applications, maintains historical county records, and works closely with other row officers like the County Sheriff, Recorder of Deeds, and County Commissioners.

As our Clerk of Civil Courts, Michael has the relevant experience to be the best qualified candidate to effectively lead the Prothonotary’s office of seasoned professionals to be one of the best Civil Clerk offices in Pennsylvania.

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