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A Vision

Our Party championed the creation of the Middle Class, yet quite honestly we have watched culture wars and identity politics weaken our connection to these families. It’s more than time we earn their trust and support again.

Our Party is winning the hearts and minds of the Millennials and Generation X, but we need to electrify them to be the voting block their numbers say they ought to be in our elections.

Our Party and our Pennsylvania hold a solemn responsibility to provide actual relief and actual opportunities to our veterans. Other Parties wrap themselves in patriotism, then vote to gut the very programs our veterans count on and the very rights they fight to defend. Ours should be the Party of Peace while also the Party of the Patriot; the two go hand in hand.

Our Party must be fierce, unafraid to stand strong in our values. We must have courage to stare down bigotry, racism, and sexism wherever it occurs. Our Party must be the bulwark of the Bill of Rights. And when spineless Republicans cower, defending despots and abusers of office and authority, we must be the Party that delivers the tough medicine that jogs voters’ memories to ensure truth remains a cornerstone of democracy.

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The Past, Present, and Future of Our Party