Meet Michael Fedor

Experienced Leader, Innovator

The Cumberland County Prothonotary is the Clerk of Civil Courts for county courts. Operating this office of public trust requires integrity, relevant experience, intelligence, and strong management skills. Meet Michael Fedor, an experienced leader we can trust to do the job right.


Michael Fedor is an experienced leader, manager, and innovator. Michael holds a Masters of Human Resources and Employment Relations and a Bachelors in Secondary Education, English and Communications from Penn State University. His diverse resume of accomplishments includes leading an effort to defeat a plan to privatize the Pennsylvania Lottery, while devising an alternative solution to improve the solvency of the $4 billion annual program.

Michael led a state bureau through a law change that saw more than $250 million in funds returned to right owners and heirs and more than $1.2 billion in revenues pass through his bureau on its way to the State General Fund.

Michael has led diverse teams of leaders with complex assignments by working hard, playing by the rules, and remaining committed to professional learning and growing.

As our Clerk of Civil Courts, he has the relevant experience to be the best qualified candidate to effectively lead the Prothonotary’s office of seasoned professionals to be one of the best Civil Clerk offices in Pennsylvania.

Service to Others

For two decades, Michael Fedor has worked and volunteered on paths of service. While putting himself through college at Penn State University, Michael worked part-time as an English tutor for families working to become naturalized citizens of the United States. Michael went on to become a teacher in South Central Pennsylvania, consistently taking on extra assignments such as helping students struggling with standardized tests, or volunteering for committees to improve district performance, and announcing at high school football games.

In 2007, Michael was appointed to a seat on the Duncannon Borough Council, and later that year elected to a full term, becoming the only Democrat on the council. Working across the aisle as a member of Council, Michael gained the trust of his Republican colleagues. Together they worked to improve the financial position of the borough, make new investments in public works, public safety, and infrastructure, and tackled long ignored problems facing the small town community.

In 2009, helped to negotiate a new inter-municipal agreement that improved efficiency and operations of a multi-million dollar wastewater treatment plant shared by the borough and the township.

As members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Camp Hill, Michael and Serena have volunteered for several years as Vacation Bible School and Sunday School teachers as part of the church’s youth ministry programs.

Today, Michael is Assistant Cubmaster for Cub Scout Troop 279 of the Boy Scouts of America, helping to introduce young men of our communities in the Cumberland Valley School District to lives of service to country, community, and God.

Fresh Ideas

Michael believes political parties should not have a monopoly on public offices. That is the surest way to breed corruption and poor services. It’s time we pass the honor of the Cumberland County Prothonotary to a new generation of leaders who can bring fresh ideas, innovation, and a commitment to accuracy to the work of civil justice in Cumberland County.

Michael Fedor looks forward to leading the Cumberland County Prothonotary’s Office towards three important milestones:

Fedor for Prothonotary

Michael was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He holds a Masters and Bachelors from Penn State University.

The Fedor Family

Michael and Serena Fedor have been together 16 years. They have two sons enrolled in the Cumberland Valley School District. Both are career professionals with a desire to give back to their community.



Achieve 100% accuracy and timeliness in every case, every communication with counsel, and every interaction with the public.

Sustainable Funding

Achieve a sustainable office funded 100% by the fees and charges it collects.

Customer Satisfaction

Put the public first by delivering exceptional customer service 100% of the time to every courthouse visitor.