The Cumberland County Prothonotary is the Chief Clerk of Civil Courts for county courts. Operating this office of public trust in the fastest growing county in Pennsylvania requires integrity, relevant experience, intelligence, and strong management expertise. Meet Michael Fedor, an experienced leader we can trust to do the job right.

Michael is the only candidate who has balanced a budget and held the line on public spending. He is the only candidate for Prothonotary who has written and implemented legal process policy. He is the only candidate with management experience, leading employees in an office of public trust. He is the only candidate with a record of working across the aisle to solve problems, putting people before partisan politics.

The Prothonotary Office in Cumberland County has 9 employees, a budget over half a million dollars, and responsibility for record keeping and fee bookings, collections, and payments. The office processes over 10,000 filings a year for civil proceedings like divorces, name changes, tax liens, arbitrations, writs, Protection From Abuse orders (PFAs). The office also processes U.S. Passport applications, maintains historical county records, and works closely with other row officers like the County Sheriff, Recorder of Deeds, and County Commissioners.

As our Clerk of Civil Courts, Michael has the relevant experience to be the best qualified candidate to effectively lead the Prothonotary’s office of seasoned professionals to be one of the best Civil Clerk offices in Pennsylvania.

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experienced leader

When hiring a Prothonotary for the civil court system, we need a leader who has the experience of making tough calls. We want a leader that has written and executed major public budgets that kept taxes down. We need a leader who has strong management training and experience. That leader is Michael Fedor.

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for the people

Michael Fedor doesn’t just talk about fiscal discipline and improving government, he’s got a record to prove he’s done it. While others use their Party affiliation as their chief qualification, Michael is running on a record of moving beyond Party to solve problems, improve services, and put people first.

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invested in our future

As a husband and father of three in Hampden Township, Michael is invested in the future of our communities. For Cumberland County to continue to be a great place to call home, we need our Courthouse to be filled with leaders of integrity vision, and the expertise to make government be more responsive to our needs.

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Michael is the only candidate endorsed by the Pennsylvania Auditor General for his record of fiscal responsibility, hard work, and fairness for tax payers.

Fiscal Responsibility

Michael is the only candidate who has balanced a budget, cut taxes, and returned money to taxpayers.

Management Experience

Michael is the only candidate who has managed employees in professional offices of public trust and delivered and improved customer service.
  • Education

    M.S., Human Resources & Employment Relations, Pennsylvania State University

    B.S. Secondary Education, English & Communications, Pennsylvania State University

  • Public Roles

    Legislative Director / Bureau Director, Pennsylvania State Treasury (2014-2016)

    Candidate for Cumberland County Commissioner (2011)

    Councilor, Duncannon Borough Council (2007-2011)

    Public Works Chairman, Duncannon Borough Council (2007-2011)

    Vice President, Duncannon Municipal Authority (2007-2011)

    Duncannon Recreation Board

    Zoning Hearing Board, Elizabethtown Borough

    English Teacher, Elizabethtown Area High School (2002-2005)

  • Community Involvement

    President, Fair Hill Home Owners Association

    Assistant Cub Master, Cub Scout Pack 279, Boy Scouts of America

    Youth Education & Vacation Bible School Counselor, Trinity Lutheran Church

    Coach, HMMS Youth Soccer

    English as a Second Language (ESL) Tutor, Mid-State Literacy Council

  • Recognitions

    John F. Kennedy Award for Visionary Leadership (2017)

    Exceptional Fellow, Center for Progressive Leadership (2007)