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A Plan for Action

We start with

A Vision

Our Prothonotary Office should aim to achieve 100% accuracy, satisfaction, and timeliness in every interaction with the public.

Our next Prothonotary must be committed to fiscal discipline, and I will leverage my budgetary and management experience such that we are committed to operating the office independent of the county General Fund tax receipts.

Our Prothonotary should have experience in state and local government of streamlining processes and leveraging the latest technology. while ensuring we also value most person to person interaction as the best means to deliver excellence to taxpayers.

Michael Fedor is qualified to lead our Prothonotary Office.

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To Deliver Our Best


Benchmark Assessment

The first step in delivering 100% accuracy, satisfaction, and timeliness in every customer interaction is to benchmark our current performance in each area in the Prothonotary Office.

We should also group performance by filings, appeals, U.S. Passport applications, and other major service areas so we can determine if any shortcomings are specific to our internal processes.


Engage Stakeholders

The men and women who work in the legal profession have a great deal to add to the conversation about “What does better look like?” from our Courthouse. Their input on processes, responsiveness, and approach are critical to the conversation.

Our Prothonotary should also be prepared to communicate effectively and regularly with attorneys about Court process changes when they occur so attorneys and their clients are not caught off guard.

In additional to the private sector, the Prothonotary must be capable of meeting as an equal with County Commissioners, Sheriff, Clerk of Courts, Recorder of Deeds, and other elected officials. Government works best when our elected leaders communicate and advocate and not tow Party lines.


Invest in People

There is a saying: When you treat people like they make a difference, they will. This is fundamentally about respecting employees as professionals and trusting them to go above and beyond. Isn’t this what we want and expect from our Courthouse?

To achieve excellence in the four years ahead, I am prepared to meet with employees and discuss their goals. I am prepared to build pipelines that encourage growth, keep employees feeling fresh and not burnt out. I am also prepared to invest in their training, knowledge, and abilities to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors in Cumberland County.


Raise Awareness

When our Prothonotary can be present in our community and speak with clarity about the level and range of services the Prothonotary Office provides, everyone wins. The more residents know about U.S. Passport processing, or that a Protection From Abuse Order is free and there are offices to help battered men and women seek help, we see just a few examples of why a strong Prothonotary matters.

Vote Person, Not Party

Vote Michael Fedor

on Tuesday November 7th

Keys to


Commitment to 100%

Achieve 100% accuracy and timeliness in every case, every communication with counsel, and every interaction with the public.

Fiscal Health

Achieve a sustainable office funded 100% by the fees and charges it collects to keep the pressure off county tax rates.

True Satisfaction

Put the people first by delivering exceptional customer service 100% of the time to every courthouse visitor. It takes experience, not Party affiliation, to deliver on this.

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